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Experience Working for You

In today's business environment, achieving further improvements to your bottom line is a substantial challenge. With the costs of in-house personnel on the rise, it makes good business sense to outsource your building service needs.

Customized, Quality Cleaning Services and Solutions for Over 45 Years

Gibb continues to provide services based on the fundamental principles and beliefs that the founders, Mr. Gibb and Mr. Payant employed since 1960. We carry on the tradition of providing a higher value and relationship-driven service to our partners throughout the region.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors

Gibb has differentiated itself from the many competitive providers in the area through implementing new technologies, quality standards and processes to better our abilities to communicate with and service our partners, train and retain our team members and streamline operations.

Gibb Green
Gibb Green is a cleaning process that takes into account the health, safety, and environmental risks of products and processes associated with cleaning.
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Gibb Green
Why clean your entire carpet 3 times per year when a heavily traveled area requires five, and another area needs only one? Gibb knows a better way...
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